Every touchpoint is an opportunity to engage customers. Are you ready?

Customer Engagement offerings deliver a broad range of capabilities for marketing, commerce and supply chain activities. Designed to complement the skills of forward-thinking professionals like you. To empower you to make better, more informed decisions. Create and deliver personalized, intuitive experiences at every stage of the customer journey. Armed with insights, you can be at the forefront of what’s next—now.

Make informed business decisions

By having all the data to better understand your customer’s online purchasing process, you prioritize actions that have a real impact on your company’s performance. You can also identify trends that will help you innovate and create value for your customers.

Quickly identify your challenges and constraints

With our integrated platform, you reduce the time to analyze and understand the technical problems your customers are experiencing with your different digital platforms. Therefore, you can react immediately to minimize bad experiences.

Increase customer satisfaction

Difficulty registering on your customer account, inability to add an item to the shopping cart, complete a transaction or make a reservation, non-intuitive navigation, inaccurate error messages: so many negative experiences that play a huge role in customer dissatisfaction and, consequently, on your sales.

Centralize your efforts and lower your costs

With an interface for establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) and visualizing the online path and the real-time problems faced by your users, the human resources time within your departments is invested where it really counts.

Identify opportunities, generate profits

By effectively analyzing the behaviour of your customers in your digital environment, you can propose tools and create content better suited to their needs. Thus, you offer a superior experience and you contribute to an exponential increase in your sales.

Why choose Customer Engagement Solutions from IBM

  • IBM is the best known and most sold product on the market
  • 90% of Fortune 100 companies use IBM
  • IBM delivers on the promise of cognitive business
  • Professional and comprehensive support

An efficient technology that meets all of your needs

  • Better understand customer preferences, behaviors and market influences with solutions for personalized marketing, digital experience and customer insights.
  • Deliver the right customer experience at the right time with solutions for omni-channel commerce, order management and fulfillment, customer insights and digital experience.
  • Illuminate risks and opportunities to take quick action with solutions for supply chain optimization, B2B collaboration, order management and fulfillment.