Customers want to manage their business, not their technology.

They want responsive, personalized support and access to expertise on demand to resolve problems, get the most from their business applications, leverage new technologies and improve their agility and speed to market. SIA’s M3C services for Customer/Outcome Support leverage SIA’s expertise with IBM products & services, and include problem determination & resolution, on-demand knowledge, AI & ML mentoring and DevOps & App Integration support.

Problem Determination & Resolution

SIA’s M3C provides end-to-end co-managed services (both IT & Business) for responsive Level-2 support to resolve problems with your cloud apps.

Can you afford the headache of IT problems that cause business interruptions and threaten business continuity?

When problems arise, you need help fast! Do you have a responsive partner who understands your business?

Our Co-Managed Offerings


Responsive Level 2 support from a partner who understands your needs and can help diagnose and resolve problems quickly.
Starting at $1,000/month

On-demand Knowledge & Support

SIA’s M3C provides end-to-end co-managed services (both IT & Business) for responsive Level-2 product knowledge and application best practices.

Expertise available on-demand to answer your product "how to use" questions, provide best practices, tips & techniques.

These days there’s no time to read manuals! You want an expert on demand to answer your questions and help you get the most from your business apps.

Our Co-Managed Offering

"How to Use" Support

Access to product experts on demand to answer your “how to use” questions.
Starting at $1,000/month

Business Application Support

Responsive Level-2 support for ensuring continuous updates to your business apps.
Starting at $3,000/month

AI & ML Mentoring Support

SIA’s M3C provides end-to-end co-managed services (both IT & Business) to mentor customers so they can adopt and leverage AI and Machine Learning technologies faster.

Want to use AI & ML but don't have any data scientists on staff who can help you get started?

AI and Machine Learning are the keys to building a Human-Technology partnership which can improve and accelerate decision-making. Do you need help with ModelOps and building digital workers?

Our Co-Managed Offerings

Mentoring AI & ML

ModelOps mentoring services to help you adopt and begin to leverage AI & ML technologies faster.
Starting at $4,000/month

DevOps & App Integration Support

SIA’s M3C provides end-to-end co-managed services (both IT & Business) for responsive Level-3 DevOps and API support.

Speed to market with cloud-ready apps is critical for building business agility and long-term competitiveness

SIA can help you leverage open, scalable and secure platforms that will enable you to build and integrate cloud-native apps faster.

Our Co-Managed Offering

DevOps Support

Level-3 lab support for leveraging DevOps platforms and developing cloud-ready apps.
Starting at $4,000/month

Business App Integration Support

Level-3 lab support for leveraging API platforms to simplify data and app integration.
Starting at $4,000/month

Each M3C service includes quarterly meetings, monthly reporting and real-time monitoring of key operational metrics in order to ensure a laser focus on your desired business outcomes.

Service considerations:

 – On-boarding fees will apply (one-time charge).
 – Services may require fee-based software (SaaS subscriptions or perpetual software licenses).
 – Each service comes with its own set of prerequisites.

How do I learn more about these services?

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