…a co-managed, Human-Technology partnership

       (Multi-Cloud Command Center)

How can your business maintain resilience in times of crisis or other business disruptions?

You need to anticipate in advance and monitor business operations in real-time, so that you can react quickly. SIA’s M3C services for Operational Viability help you keep your systems running and your people working together, protect your enterprise and limit the impact of business disruptions. Learn more below about our business continuity, cybersecurity and workforce collaboration services based on IBM technologies (Cloud Paks, Public Cloud, Security, etc.)

Business Continuity Services

SIA’s M3C provides end-to-end co-managed services (both IT & Business) to give you peace of mind and put you back in control of your IT.

Can you afford the headache of IT problems that cause business interruptions and threaten business continuity?​

A digital business must always be available to serve its customers. If a disaster strikes, you only have so much time to get your systems back up and running.

Our Co-Managed Offerings

IT Availability

Co-manage systems and applications to keep them operational and responsive.
Starting at $2,000/month

IT Resiliency

Co-manage data backups and testing of IT recovery processes for quick response in the event of an IT disruption.
Starting at $2,000/month

Multi-cloud Management

Co-manage hybrid cloud infrastructure, events and applications to simplify visibility, governance and automation.
Starting at $2,000/month

Monitoring Process Execution

Co-manage business events (processes, cases and decisions) to improve visibility and remove bottlenecks.
Starting at $3,000/month

Cybersecurity Services

SIA’s M3C sprovides end-to-end co-managed services (both IT & Business) to help you mitigate risks by co-planning for cybersecurity incident detection and co-orchestrating a fast and efficient response.

Don't wait to build digital trust and manage cyber threats, your business and your reputation depend on it!

In this new decade of trust, the safety and security of your most critical digital assets is paramount. Being unprepared for a cyber incident is a disaster waiting to happen. Protect your business today against known and unknown threats.

Our Co-Managed Offering

Threat Management

Co-manage security events, network flows, user behaviour and co-orchestrate incident response playbooks.
Starting at $3,000/month


SIA’s M3C provides end-to-end co-managed services (both IT & Business) to empower users and teams to be more agile and leverage your business’ collective intelligence.

Connect your people with knowledge and tools to simplify work and keep them engaged, at an affordable price!

Your people power your business. Are they engaged and able to work and collaborate effectively, anywhere and anytime?

Our Co-Managed Offerings


Plan, configure and co-manage collaboration platforms and employee engagement.
Starting at $2,000/month

Remote & Tele-work

Plan, configure and co-manage remote users and accesses.
Starting at $2,000/month

Each M3C service includes quarterly meetings, monthly reporting and real-time monitoring of key operational metrics in order to ensure a laser focus on your desired business outcomes.

Service considerations:

 – On-boarding fees will apply (one-time charge).
 – Services may require fee-based software (SaaS subscriptions or perpetual software licenses).
 – Each service comes with its own set of prerequisites.

How do I learn more about these services?

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