Deploying new IT solutions requires careful planning and sound management of the transition (for both systems and people) from the "as is" to the "to be" environment.

SIA’s M3C services for Product On-boarding help you plan and rapidly deploy tools for automating business and IT processes that will enable you to anticipate and react quickly to changing business needs and/or potential business disruptions. Learn more below about our accelerators for Business Automation, Cybersecurity, DevOps & Integration and Data Science & AI, all based on IBM technologies.

Accelerators for Business Automation

SIA’s M3C provides end-to-end co-managed services (both IT & Business) to help you extract value from your content, build intelligent workflows and integrate digital assistants.

Automating enterprise content and processes will reduce operational costs and increase business agility

A digital business leverages tools to automate work and augment your people’s ability to deliver more value and a better customer experience.

Our Co-Managed Offerings

Intelligent Capture

Plan and deploy tools to intelligently capture, classify and archive content.
Starting at $2,000/month

Enterprise Workflow

Plan and deploy tools to automate business processes, workflows and decisions.
Starting at $2,000/month

Task Automation & Digital Assistants

Plan, deploy and train virtual assistants that leverage RPA  to automate repetitive, high-volume, non value-added tasks.
Starting at $2,000/month

Accelerators for Cybersecurity

SIA’s M3C provides end-to-end co-managed services (both IT & Business) to help you leverage integrated tools and intelligence to build a solid and agile foundation for trust and safer business.

Don't wait to build digital trust and manage cyber threats, your business and your reputation depend on it!

In this new decade of trust, the safety and security of your most critical digital assets is paramount. Being unprepared for a cyber incident is a disaster waiting to happen. Protect your business today against known and unknown threats.

Our Co-Managed Offering

Threat Management

Plan and deploy tools to automate, orchestrate and accelerate incident response.
Starting at $3,000/month

Incident & Event Management

Plan and deploy tools to intelligently automate real-time monitoring of security events, network flows and user behaviour.
Starting at $4,000/month

Unified Endpoint Management

Plan and deploy tools to centralize and simplify the management and protection of PCs, laptops and mobile devices.
Starting at $1,000/month

Identity & Access Management

Plan and deploy tools to centralize policies for managing users and access privileges.
Starting at $2,000/month

Data Protection

Plan and deploy tools to protect sensitive corporate data and ensure compliance with regulations such as GDPR.
Starting at $2,000/month

Accelerators for DevOps & Integration

SIA’s M3C provides end-to-end co-managed services (both IT & Business) to help you get cloud-ready faster by enabling advanced technologies, mentoring your team and collaborating with the IBM Cloud Garage.

Never before has the journey to Cloud been more urgent and critical to your company's survival and future success.

Cloud-ready apps will enable you to be more agile, adapt faster to changing market needs and connect more easily to your business ecosystem. 

Our Co-Managed Offerings

OpenShift Environment

Plan and deploy an OpenShift environment complete with containers and Kubernetes.
Starting at $2,000/month

DevOps Tools

Plan and deploy DevOps tools to streamline 
cloud-ready app development & modernization.
Starting at $2,000/month

App Integration Tools

Plan and deploy tools to simplify app integration.
Starting at $4,000/month

Accelerators for Data Science & AI

SIA’s M3C provides end-to-end co-managed services (both IT & Business) to help you operationalize AI by beginning the process to organize and activate your data.

Better and faster decisions depend on building and leveraging trusted and transparent, business-ready data

Data fuels the digital economy. Businesses must become more data-driven to succeed. AI can augment and accelerate decision-making. What are you doing to get your data business-ready?

Our Co-Managed Offering

Knowledge Catalog

Plan and deploy an intelligent catalogue to help you activate your data.
Starting at $3,000/month

Identity & Access Management

Plan and deploy DataOps tools to simplify how you collect, organize and analyze your enterprise data.
Starting at $3,000/month

ModelOps Tools

Plan and deploy ModelOps tools to facilitate and accelerate machine learning and AI.
Starting at $5,000/month

Each M3C service includes quarterly meetings, monthly reporting and real-time monitoring of key operational metrics in order to ensure a laser focus on your desired business outcomes.

Service considerations:

 – On-boarding fees will apply (one-time charge).
 – Services may require fee-based software (SaaS subscriptions or perpetual software licenses).
 – Each service comes with its own set of prerequisites.

How do I learn more about these services?

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