Technology is rapidly evolving. Is the solution you implemented yesterday still efficiently protecting your network from today’s threats?

Facts : • More than 1 billion breaches in 2014 • $6.5M (USD) in financial losses • 33% of businesses are not protected on mobile

Protect your business intelligence

Your business’s success rests on carefully crafted ideas, concepts, products and business model. Protect your company’s intellectual property and sensitive information from theft and fraud.

Keep your private data … private!

You would never give your competitors access to your financial statements, contracts, quotes and contacts, right? Protect your company from hacking with a 100% secure technology.

Safeguard your internal data on mobile and on the cloud

Opening an attachment from one of your contacts’ emails could spread a virus throughout your entire computer network. The risk is exponentially greater if you have hundreds of employees all sharing sensitive information by mobile or through the cloud, without adequate protection.

Avoid financial losses

Hacked data, corrupted files, wasted employee time due to equipment damaged in an attack: There are plenty of reasons that a big or small company can lose several thousands, even millions, of dollars.

Why choose Security Solutions from IBM

  • IBM is the best known and most sold product on the market
  • 90% of Fortune 100 companies use IBM
  • A proven expertise in the field of security
  • Professional and comprehensive support

An efficient technology that meets all of your needs

  • Business intelligence security
  • Consulting and management services
  • Data security
  • Fraud prevention
  • Identity and access management
  • Infrastructure security
  • Internal network and mobile security