Maximize the engagement of your employees

Do your employees have all the tools or training they need to adequately perform their work? Is their knowledge of your software or internal processes as effective as it could be? Do they have any comments or ideas that could be beneficial to your business?


SIA has the expertise to help you motivate and engage your employees.

Survey and mobilize your employees

Question your human resources to understand what motivates them to promote behaviour change, improve the effectiveness of a working group, etc.

Collect valuable information

Survey your employees rapidly and effectively and get invaluable information for your company.

React quickly to your challenges

Easy to understand and analyze, data retrieved in real time from our platform can be transformed into tangible actions and measurable results for your organization.

Increase your organizational performance

By using several listening methods with their employees, HR departments noted a 24% increase in company performance and reputation compared to those who didn’t use similar methods.

Training and talent development

Encourage collaboration, networking, sharing, integration and the growth of your resources with our Human Resources management solutions.

Why choose Talent Management Solutions from IBM

  • IBM is the best known and most sold product on the market
  • 90% of Fortune 100 companies use IBM
  • IBM delivers on the promise of cognitive business
  • Professional and comprehensive support

An efficient technology that meets all of your needs

  • Attracting the right candidates to the right roles through precision and science.
  • Placing cognitive analytics into the hands of all HR professionals, enabling them to gain valuable insights from recruiting, on boarding and performance management data.
  • An expansive portfolio of tailor-made, ready-to-use career assessments that assess traits, skills and fit for individuals, managers and leaders.
  • Fostering collaboration, networking, sharing and growth within the organization.
  • Engagement surveys to understand what motivates and engages employees to help drive behavior change and improve work group effectiveness.