What we stand for


Results-oriented, we promote growth through innovation and equitable sharing with our employees. We strongly believe that continuous learning is critical to the success and the empowerment of our team members.

Core Values

Values of trust, integrity, transparency, respect, equality, ambition, passion, and drive are deeply rooted our culture.


We invest our time and skills toward becoming the best “purposeful-agility” partner for our IBM customers.


We aim to make IT affordable and accessible for our clients by leveraging the knowledge and skills of our team and partners.


We strive to deliver “the gift of time” to our customers through AI-powered automation and innovation.

What we do

Technology Consultant

As a technology advisor, we help our customers improve the day-to-day effectiveness of their employees by deploying innovative, powerful and intelligent solutions

IBM Value-Added Reseller (VAR)

We help our customers acquire IBM products and services such as hybrid (traditional and cloud-based) infrastructure, digital and cognitive applications, as well as technical and cloud services, enabling them to innovate and improve their business processes.

Innovative Services & Technical Expertise

Our team of professionals supports our customers in the deployment of complete solutions based on our innovative and proven Expressway® methodology. This enables us to quickly deliver the desired business results with minimal risk and high efficiency.

Application Development

We develop business and mobile applications for our customers. We are also the creator of an ERP solution called Common Sense™. This solution is specifically designed for SME customers in the following industries: manufacturing, distribution, transportation/logistics, and firms involved in project management (i.e. construction, engineering).

Who we are

Ross Salvo

President & Managing Partner

Alexandre Lanoue

Executive – Enterprise Advisory Services (Consulting)

Andy Frankel

Executive – NextBlue Marketplace (Products & Solutions)

Vish Gokhale

Executive – Multi-Cloud Command Center (Deployment & Support)

Executive – Innovation Lab (SIA Custom Services)

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industry leaders and innovative experts

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To create a network of professionals who will learn from one another, and contribute to each other's success.

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