Analyzing email requests in real time…is it possible?

As mentioned in my last post, using technology to transform the call center engagement model allows for a quick and efficient return on investment. To achieve this, there are 6 proven use cases. This particular post focuses on one of these use cases, the automation of mail or email requests

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Simplify your new technology deployment with chatbot

As part of the digital shift, the adoption of new technologies is inevitable. The challenge in this type of project is to easily provide relevant information to users. This is where the virtual assistant can become an interesting vehicle. We recently completed a project of this nature. To give you

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You can’t clone your call center agents, but you can clone their capabilities

For many companies, their call center is the main point of contact for their customers. In most call centers, engagement models have several shortcomings that often leave customers with a strange aftertaste in their mouths. Several solutions have been considered in the past without much success. This is where new automation technologies and artificial intelligence come in to help you!

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