Why Is Automation All the Rage in Business?

What impact does automation have on our lives and the way we work?

Pessimists prophesize the end of humanity, the destruction of culture, the advent of meaningless commercialism, the takeover of machines… in short, the end of time.

AI advocates promise us a brighter tomorrow, more rewarding days and more meaningful activities. A happy and peaceful world thanks to technology…

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Chatbot Design: “The User Is Always Right!”…True or False?

“The customer is king!” Ever since I was little, I have been hearing this statement. While it is becoming increasingly contested in the customer service world, it has still retained its popularity, especially considering how fleeting customer loyalty is nowadays.

With the rise of chatbots, does this statement still apply but for the users?

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How We Integrated Pipedrive™ with Common Sense™

Generally, when companies undertake a digital transformation, they are aiming to improve the efficiency of their business processes and also the accuracy and visibility of their critical business data. Therefore, businesses often make use of two systems to ensure that their business processes run efficiently— a Client Relationship Management (CRM) system and an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

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