In an age where customers have more options, knowing their needs even before they do is critical.

You can access deep customer insight and turbo-charge your underwriters. Innovate and win in the insurance industry with cognitive computing.

Cognitive underwriting is revolutionizing the insurance industry

Cognitive underwriting is about to become the market differentiator that not only changes the role of the traditional underwriter–augmenting underwriters’ skills, removing manual tasks, and enhancing their performance–but that will also increase corporate profitability.

Use cognitive agents to collaborate, aid in decision making, and execute transactions with a customer.

Technology to deliver a truly human experience already exists. Virtual agents can access limitless data instantly to provide extreme personalized service.

Better insight is better business

Customer Insight for Insurance uses a cognitive approach to create a comprehensive view of customers and generate new insights into customer preferences and future behaviors. Think beyond birthday cards and bills to drive deeper engagement with your policyholders.

By leveraging the new digital & cognitive enterprise business models,
we are helping our customers innovate one step at the time

SIA has been helping businesses innovate for over 40 years. To become a cognitive enterprise, your business needs to do more than simply deploy new technologies across the organization. Becoming a cognitive enterprise comes down to strategy. It’s about designing and building business processes that take advantage of these six technologies in unison, all for the sake of ensuring the successful longevity and operational efficiency of a business.


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