We can help you maximize the availability of assets and infrastructure, improve operational efficiency, and reduce costs

Transport companies are facing economic pressures and declining customer satisfaction. To combat these challenges, we can help you increase revenue and manage capacity while improving the end-to-end customer experience.

Customer loyalty sales and service

Transport companies need to build more interactive relationships with customers by proactively gathering information about their preferences to provide a feedback loop that enhances the customer experience. Create customer advocates with insight-driven customer loyalty programs.

Asset management and maintenance

Using intelligent asset management, you can increase operating dexterity and asset planning, management and maintenance which are absolutely critical to the financial health of the business. Proactive, rather than reactive, maintenance.

Operations planning and optimization

Competition, consolidation, tighter governmental controls, heightened security concerns and a rising customer demand for real-time information characterize the travel and transportation industry. Fleet optimization puts your assets to work for you and helps you increase asset utilization, improve customer service and drive down operating costs. From commodity to value add.

By leveraging the new digital & cognitive enterprise business models,
we are helping our customers innovate one step at the time

SIA has been helping businesses innovate for over 40 years. To become a cognitive enterprise, your business needs to do more than simply deploy new technologies across the organization. Becoming a cognitive enterprise comes down to strategy. It’s about designing and building business processes that take advantage of these six technologies in unison, all for the sake of ensuring the successful longevity and operational efficiency of a business.


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