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Welcome to the future of business operations. Our automation solutions are designed to streamline your processes, increase efficiency, and save you time and money.

Say goodbye to manual tasks and welcome a more productive and profitable business. 


Business Outcomes and Opportunities

Save Money


Automating repetitive tasks can help businesses save money by increasing efficiency, reducing labor costs and decreasing operational costs.

Increased Productivity


Increase productivity by streamlining processes, improving accuracy, enhancing collaboration, increasing scalability and making more efficient use of resources.

Improve Decision Making


Improve decision making by providing accurate data-driven insights and enabling better informed decisions.

Use Cases

Large insurance provider in Canada

Business needs

Increase claim management efficiency.

Make claims management paperless.


Our solution

Digitalizing the claim files. Automating the reception and generation of documents. Developing a module assessing a file’s complexity and assigning it to the right legal department.



Process 2x more claims with the same resources.

Response time dropped from 1 week to 2 hours.

Optimized legal costs.

Global producer and distributor of dairy products

Business needs

Increase productivity and lower costs of invoicing.

Eliminate manual tasks.

Our solution

Deploying a digital business automation solution to streamline invoicing. The solution was deployed in the American division.


200% ROI ($276K per year)

Payback within one year

Are you ready to re-imagine your business?

Whether it is a custom made solution or a readily made solution, our business automation experts at SIA Innovations can help you choose the perfect solution for your business. 

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At SIA Innovations, we are a results-oriented company that promotes growth through innovation and equitable sharing with our employees. We value trust, integrity, transparency, respect, equality, ambition, passion, and drive.

Our vision is to be the best partner for our IBM customers. We aim to make IT affordable and accessible by leveraging the knowledge and skills of our team and partners. Our goal is to deliver the “gift of time” to our customers through AI-powered automation and innovation.

We offer a range of services, including technology consulting, IBM product reselling, and the development of innovative and efficient solutions for businesses. We also specialize in developing business and mobile applications, and have created an ERP solution called Common Sense™ designed for small and medium-sized enterprises.