Intelligent Automation: How to Automate Business Processes with AI

About this event:


AI is a buzzword in technical and business circles. Wildly impressive AI tools are already powering useful applications in various commercial sectors. But barely anyone talks about how AI can be applied in business operations. That’s what this webinar addresses—where the rubber meets the road when it comes to intelligent automation.

We’ll have AI and automation experts from IBM and SIA Innovations explain the various functions and applications of AI in business processes. They will also demonstrate a couple of AI-powered automation use cases so you can see intelligent automation live in action.

You’ll Learn:

• What intelligent automation means, how AI works, and the different aspects of AI automation in business

• The dos and don’ts when it comes to AI automation

• To identify processes within your workflows prime for automation

• Proven approaches, strategies, and tools for intelligent automation

• The technological components of AI

• The importance and benefits of AI-powered business process automation

• The various applications of AI automation in business processes and workflows (robotic process automation, business process management (BPM) or business workflow automation, AI capture, process mining, business rules automation, intelligent data mining, and AI data analytics)

• Useful tips and best practices for applying AI automation systems to business operations

About us

At SIA Innovations, we are a results-oriented company that promotes growth through innovation and equitable sharing with our employees. We value trust, integrity, transparency, respect, equality, ambition, passion, and drive.

Our vision is to be the best partner for our IBM customers. We aim to make IT affordable and accessible by leveraging the knowledge and skills of our team and partners. Our goal is to deliver the “gift of time” to our customers through AI-powered automation and innovation.

We offer a range of services, including technology consulting, IBM product reselling, and the development of innovative and efficient solutions for businesses. We also specialize in developing business and mobile applications, and have created an ERP solution called Common Sense™ designed for small and medium-sized enterprises.