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This webinar, prepared by automation experts from IBM and SIA Innovations, explains how to automate the application of new business rules in already automated business processes and workflows.

Business rules are the norms, policies, and guidelines (both written and unwritten) that govern your company’s business decisions. In a credit institution, for example, a basic rule might say not to approve a loan application unless the borrower meets certain eligibility criteria. Since these rules are crucial for business operations, they must be embedded into mission-critical digital processes.

However, business rules can change due to any number of reasons. When they do change, that change must be reflected in the digital processes associated with those rules. Applying new rules in existing digital processes can be tedious and time-consuming, especially when dealing with complex and densely interlinked processes. That’s where automation comes in.

You’ll learn:

• The definition of business rules when automating workflows and business processes

• The different types of business rules applied to automated processes

• The various ways to express business rules using formal logic qualifiers such as “IF-THEN,” “IF-ELSE,” “ONLY IF,” “WHEN,” etc.

• Strategies and best practices for applying business rules to automation

• The importance of embedding business rules in automation

• What IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM) is, and its capabilities in automating the application of business rules

• Use cases where business rules management systems (BRMS) come in handy

The webinar is packed full of valuable tips for any company keen on automating its business processes all the way.

We look forward to seeing you!

SIA Innovations Team.

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