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Process mining: A key tool for finding automation opportunities

What is Process Mining?

Process mining is an analytical technique that uses algorithms to examine process executions. This method helps find potential opportunities for automation to improve the efficiency of a business.

Its aims to maximize process performance. In sum, process mining is a discovery tool! Through this technique, it is possible to discover process optimization opportunities by analyzing the processes in place.


Overall, process mining has several key objectives:


  • It makes it possible to mitigate inefficiency of processes;
  • It helps improve visibility and assess the impact of potential changes to processes;
  • It highlights execution anomalies and non-compliance in order to restore compliance of processes with established standards.


Key Steps to Starting a Process Mining Project

At SIA Innovations, we operate a clear process mining methodology.

Here are the key steps we use at SIA Innovations to ensure the successful implementation of this technology

1- Analyze the different systems available. Process mining will seek to collect data from various computer systems to draw conclusions on the efficiency of processes.

2- Categorize the transactional logs. At this step, it is crucial to define  each process in terms of its beginning, its end and its functioning.

3- Next, the modeling stage makes it easier to visualize the interaction of processes as well as their individual and global performance.

4- Finally, process mining aims to evaluate processes with the objective of optimizing them. It is therefore necessary to be able to analyze the processes to then carry out simulations of the various optimizations to be implemented.

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