Process Mining and RPA to quickly start your automation journey

Intelligent automation is a key element for companies in their journey to Digital Transformation. For a third year in a row, the IBM C-Suite study shows that technological factors have been top of mind for companies to achieve their desired outcomes. More specifically, technology barriers and the lack of insights from data has been highlighted as two of the top reasons to accelerate their growth.


Getting started on the Journey of Intelligent Automation could often be complex. Also, a lot of organizations are not sure where to start as the ROI and economic benefits of the transformation is not always easy to calculate.


In this webinar, IBM and SIA will discuss how Process Mining & RPA technologies can be a good way to start your Journey. Through examples and use cases, we will show you how you could achieve tangible results within a few weeks while establishing your foundation for the other elements of your Intelligent Automation journey.

About us

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