Digital Transformation: The Value of IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation with OpenShift

Speed, accuracy, capability, scope — these are just a few of the things businesses seek from automated processes and protocols. With automation in place, businesses find that their operations become faster, human error is eliminated from key tasks, and they become free to devote time, personnel and resources to more worthy tasks.

To put it simply, automation can revolutionize a business, setting it on a path of growth and development that simply would not be possible with manual processes alone. This means digital transformation and automation go hand in hand, supporting businesses through the process of change and evolution and giving them the capability to do so much more for their clients.

The OpenShift Container Platform is designed with digital transformation in mind, providing business owners with a streamlined and intuitive means of developing containerized applications based upon Kubernetes clusters. What would otherwise be a difficult development landscape is made simpler and more straightforward with OpenShift, with no compromise on the functionality and capability of the developed app.

This would not be possible without automation, and so automatic functions are built into the very heart of Red Hat’s solution. The software features a push-button installation process, enabling the user to complete the set-up process without delay, while platform updates for application services and Kubernetes clusters are also automated.

Since the $34 billion acquisition of Red Hat by IBM in 2019, customers have been able to utilize OpenShift as part of IBM’s own Cloud Pak offerings, including Cloud Pak for Business Automation. This means OpenShift now fits within a broader suite of software solutions and functionalities, making it ideal for business owners seeking to streamline their navigation of the digital transformation process.

Automate Your Way to Fluid Application Development

While we’ve already touched on how automation makes installing and updating OpenShift simple, the capabilities actually run deeper than this. With OpenShift deployed among the Cloud Pak suite of solutions, you will be able to draw upon data to automate key aspects of the application development process. This accelerates the process, eliminating the potential for human error and providing you with a more reliable way to craft and deploy containerized applications with speed and precision.

Improve Efficiency at Micro and Macro Levels

Cloud Pak for Business Automation is geared towards speedy responses, enabling businesses to quickly overcome the challenges they face. With insight and automation, users can identify areas of inefficiency and then iron these out over a course of continuous improvement.

The solutions are geared towards achieving high levels of data precision. This means you can improve the efficiency of micro-level processes, building up to wholesale efficiency across your entire digital structure.

Support Productivity at the Core of Business Transformation

Digital transformation is about improving productivity — among other aspects — through the deployment of digital solutions and best practices. OpenShift and IBM’s Cloud Pak reflect this. Repetitive tasks are removed from your team’s workflow, thanks to applications and RPA bots that are programmed to take care of this for you.

OpenShift focuses squarely on providing development power and capability, with a user-friendly access point that helps businesses of all kinds get more from the procedure. Applications can be built on a low-code or even no-code basis, which means your teams do not need to be expert developers to achieve highly capable applications when they use this solution.

Understand and Measure Your Processes

Insight and understanding are crucial for success during digital transformation. While the idea — and the process — of transforming your business’s capabilities with digital tools and solutions is certainly a very exciting one, it’s important not to get carried away. This should not be a procedure of questing into the unknown — rather, it should be a phase of change and development based upon profound insights.

Cloud Pak is designed to provide those insights, helping you to better understand where you are currently, what needs to change, and what this change will look like once it is complete. Artificial intelligence built into the Cloud Pak helps you to glean the crucial information from datasets and feed this back into your transformation initiatives. Tasks can also be ordered and prioritized based on this data, so you have a step-by-step process to take you through to transformation and beyond.

None of this would be possible, however, without the right approach to measurement. Cloud Pak helps you to measure your progress and to assess your incremental improvements. Keep on top of the process with data, identify and measure the right metrics, and gain the confidence you need to truly transform your business.

Run the Solution in a Way that Suits You

You can enjoy a degree of flexibility when you utilize OpenShift as part of the IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation offering. The method of deployment depends upon your own level of resources and expertise. The Cloud Pak can be installed and utilized via any cloud structure and can be managed and operated by you and your team. This gives you complete control over the operation of the suite of solutions but may be a time- and resource-intensive exercise.

This model will not suit all businesses. If your organization cannot draw upon the resources required to run the solution on an in-house basis, you may rather play to your strengths, outsourcing management and monitoring so that you can focus on other aspects of transforming your business. IBM supports this by offering its Cloud Pak suite on a software as a service (SaaS) basis. With a SaaS model, you do not need to worry about managing OpenShift and Cloud Pak in the right way. Instead, you can focus on leveraging the advantages of transformation.

Leverage Automation During Digital Transformation with OpenShift and IBM’s Cloud Pak for Business Automation

Make automation a key asset to your business as you follow the path of digital transformation. Accomplish this with ease and reliability when you implement OpenShift as part of IBM’s Cloud Pak for Business Automation. Reach out to our team to discover more about this solution and how it fits into your transformation strategy.


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