Supporting Your Business Reinvention and Transformation

Over the past five years, SIA has undergone a transformation in order to provide a new generation offering to our customers, making it easier for them to achieve their digital transformation and reinvention.

Today, I am proud to announce that we have taken an important step in the delivery of our services by launching our four divisions, EAS, NBM, LAB & M3C. These divisions are the key elements that allow us to take the delivery of our ExpressWay methodology to the next level.

What are our 4 divisions? 


EAS (Enterprise Advisory Services) is our consulting division and the one I am responsible for. Together with my team, we help our clients achieve the first step in their transformation: building a customized plan that will enable them to realize their innovative ideas. Offering a unique, results-oriented approach, we help our clients implement the steps in their transformation journey. More details are available on our website

NBM (NextBlue Marketplace) is our technology division. It is under the responsibility of my colleague Andy Frankel. Together with his team, Andy helps clients build their technology foundation based on cloud computing and artificial intelligence technologies from IBM and our NextBlue Alliance partners. More details are available at

LAB (Innovation Lab) is our software development division. It is led by my colleague Vish Gokhale. Together with his team, Vish customizes the technological solutions we deploy for our customers. We also offer enterprise apps that meet the common needs experienced by our customers. More details are available on our website

M3C (Multi-Cloud Command Center) is our technology deployment division. It also is under the responsibility of my colleague Vish Gokhale. It provides deployment, integration, and managed services for the solutions we offer to our customers. More details are available on our website

What led us to create our four divisions? 

The answer to this question is simple: it is our customers. We know that our customers, the “big” small businesses and the “small” big businesses, need to dream, innovate, and transform. They need to do so in order to remain competitive and stand out in the eyes of their customers.

In order to make their dreams come true, these companies need assistance. On the one hand, they need a partner who can guide and direct them in their transformation. On the other hand, most of them cannot afford the services of large consulting firms. Moreover, they know that technology is a must for success. Yet, they need more than just software products. Hence, they are looking for a solid technological foundation that will allow them to evolve.

It is with this in mind that we have built our four divisions. Like pieces of a puzzle, they fit together to allow companies to solve their transformation equation:

A proven methodology that delivers tangible results

Although we are officially launching our divisions in 2021, we have already been operating in this way for over a year and the results are tangible and convincing. Let’s take the concrete example of one of our clients in the transportation sector.


The company in question is looking to develop a new line of business in home delivery and each of our divisions is involved in the project:


·      Our EAS team helps management establish the global game plan and also coaches them on the human transformation that must take place.

·      Our LAB team is working to modernize their systems by introducing new functionalities and transferring the user experience to a Web and Mobile platform.

·      Our M3C team supports the deployed applications and offers support to the users.

·      Our NBM team ensures that the technology foundation integrates easily into their environment and that it will be able to easily adapt to changes in the future.


This new approach allows us to increase our agility by more easily modulating project teams according to our customers’ needs. It also makes it easier for our customers to understand the different entry points for using our services.

Are you ready to innovate with us?


Whether you are looking for a trusted partner to guide you in your transformation or are simply looking for expertise to deploy and manage your technology solutions, we are here to help. For over 45 years, we have been passionate about one thing: helping our clients reach the next level! Are you ready to innovate with us?


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