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Observability: Choose Prevention Rather Than Reaction

Observability through AI, what is it?

It is a method of analyzing application executions at a purely technical level. Technology makes it possible to detect and understand the technical issues encountered in the systems. In particular, it is possible to have an overview of the response time, resource management and also the dependency of each module. With the help of AI, it is also possible to observe the impact of a problem in the different applications of a company.


When it comes to system security, inaction carries real dangers for businesses. Today, building and deploying applications is done continuously using cloud-native solutions. The cloud-native makes it possible to study containerization infrastructure (Docker, Kubernetes, Openshift, etc.). Troubleshooting these infrastructures is a major challenge because it requires a good understanding of the solution but also of the architecture.


By using an observability platform, the response time to a threat is considerably reduced.

Key steps in the implementation

Here are the key steps we use at SIA Innovations to ensure the successful implementation of this technology. At SIA Innovations, we operate a clear methodology:

1- Identify systems and applications: the first step is to map the architecture between the different systems and applications. This is a crucial passage because it makes it possible to define a solid base on the dependence of the systems on each other.


2- Identify the components that are part of these systems: always with the aim of having a global but above all precise vision of the systems.


3- Deploy the technology per system: each system will then be able to be analyzed continuously.


4- Define metrics and alerts


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