Why trust is not something you can afford to give freely

The problem with remote work is that it drastically expands the cyberattack surface, introducing new cybersecurity risks that many organizations are unprepared to tackle. In 2020, during the height of the pandemic and remote work, cyberattack incidents skyrocketed across all industries. The 2021 Global Threat Report shows a dramatic increase in interactive intrusion activities throughout the year.

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Why hybrid cloud is the right model to choose

Remote access for customers and employees is now a key driver in business — particularly in financial and banking spheres — supporting flexibility and agility for organizations. Similarly, business owners need to be able to access, store and interpret datasets on a large scale. These requirements are very difficult to achieve with a traditional, on-premises data storage and processing model. The cloud provides a forward- thinking alternative.

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IBM’s MAAS360 with Watson — Zero-Trust Access Best Practice

In the last two years, there has been a rapid evolution of remote access as organizations have needed to find a way to continue their operations without office-based personnel. As we leave the traditional office behind, we must consider the cybersecurity threats we are exposing ourselves to. Adopting a Zero-Trust strategy becomes imperative.

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