No, UX Design is not just an executive job

Hello, my name is Hugo and I am a UX Designer

But what is UX* Design?

No seriously, what is UX Design? I am not asking you this question because I don’t know what I am currently doing all day but because it seems as though every time I walk into a place, I hear a new definition of UX Design.

And it’s not a bad thing, not at all. After all, our work is a bit tough to understand and still a “young” field in constant evolution, sometimes at too rapid a pace to be able to properly keep up.

And if I, who work all my day in the field, sometimes have hard time clearly understanding what it is all about, how can I blame others for not seeing the entire picture?

UX Design is not Art

Did I mention that I am French? If you were to hear me speak, I can assure you that you would catch on to that fact rather quickly. Why am I telling you this? Because in France, we have a tendency to use English words — a lot of them! — to refer to certain things or concepts (I think, Quebec is a better destination for you if you want to speak French).

Such is the case for the word “design”. We use it to refer to all kinds of things but mostly to define the action of creating a visual and concrete medium.

Our job is done when users do not notice… our job.

UX Design is not just about making ergonomic things

Now that we agree on what UX Designers do, how do we actually get around to successfully doing it?

From a client’s point of view, often, prototyping is the only stage that exists. But for UX Designers, there exists many steps to follow, with prototyping being only the last one of them*.

  • Ideation: we collaborate with stakeholders to explore possible solutions before narrowing down on the ideas to move forward with.


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