Simplify your new technology deployment with chatbot

As part of the digital shift, the adoption of new technologies is inevitable. The challenge in this type of project is to easily provide relevant information to users. This is where the virtual assistant can become an interesting vehicle.

We recently completed a project of this nature. To give you some context, we had to deploy Office 365 in a large organization. This type of organization generally creates large documentation that is then transmitted to users through wikis. This is a time and effort consuming process. In addition, it presents a challenge for training the support team and maintaining the desired level of knowledge in the company.

In this case, we used Watson Discovery to read, analyze, and understand the knowledge base of Office 365 (Microsoft’s site). It may be hard to believe, but it only took a few hours to “train Watson” to read and understand the entire Office 365 website. To this, we added internal client wikis to complete the knowledge base. The totality of the training took place over a few weeks.

At the interface level, we have Watson Assistant. Within a few days, we successfully created a basic dialog in the form of an intelligent cognitive search engine that was capable of guiding the user through the kind of questions he might ask. The combination of these two technologies together made it possible to create an assistant in less than 5 weeks. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the technological foundation put in place will allow them to replicate the same level of support for other products they may wish to implement in the future.

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